Nexus49 Relations has had the privilege of being involved in multiple projects around the world within a wide array of industries both in the past as well as currently. Our involvement in these projects are at different levels as well as different roles and stages. Through developing relati-onships, providing guidance or even assisting in bringing on investors,

we have the track record of taking companies to the next level. This is just another reason that our experience, knowledge and diversity is what makes us truly rise above. What else makes us stand out? Our team consists of professionals and experts in their respected fields within the United States and across the globe.

We have team members throughout North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia consisting of political figures, entrepreneurs, financial leaders, doctors, athletes, attorneys, trainers, corporate leaders and many more highly respected and successful individuals.

Dr. Tony Serna

CEO and President, Nexus49 Relations

30 year+
Business Experience


Dr. Tony is a serial entrepreneur with a broad experience in Medical, Energy, and the Technology sectors. Dr. Tony is currently serving on various corporate and non-profit boards. His 30-year+ business experience coupled with a vast relational rolodex of decision makers with experience and knowledge in government, corporate, and religious business dealings will position your company at the “right place” and at the “right time”. His philosophy is knowing your industry, partnering with the best people, and executing on time will equal success in your business. Allow us to evaluate your project whether a startup, needing more capital, profitable, or looking to expand, we can help.


Nexus49 Relations Team

Throughout the years Nexus49 Relations has had the privilege of being involved in multiple projects around the world through a wide array of industries. Our involvement in these projects were at different levels as well as different roles. This is just another reason that our experience, knowledge and diversity is what makes us truly stand out and meet your goals.

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    We have been involved in multiple realms and assets in the healthcare industry ranging from clinical restructures, acquisitions, sells, expansion, marketing as well as start-ups.

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    Our experience and involvement has been within the technology sector for decades. Our technology background includes software development, cryptocurrency, MLM platforms, re-loadable payment cards, app development and more.

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    Raising Funds

    When individuals, groups or companies are looking to expand, acquire a company, start-up or develop, many times they are seeking funding from investors. Nexus49 Relations has the resources to prepare, introduce and present these opportunities to investors worldwide.

  • Key to Success

    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
    - Mark Twain

  • Planning

    Planning is the first step in any business venture or phase. By formulating the right plan, it will in turn save you time and most important, money. When creating your plan of action it is vital that crucial details are included.

  • Executing

    Throughout our years of experience, this is truly where your success levels will separate itself. The reason being is that this is the most difficult stage and requires the most work, drive and determination.

  • Advancing

    Many companies and corporations reach a level in their business where they plateau or even digress. This lack of advancement may be due to a shift in market trends, progressions in technology or deviations in the industry

About Our Process

In this day and age time is money. This is why our process is as straight forward and as quick as possible without wasting unnecessary time. We begin building our relationship(s) with you through either an introductory phone call or an in person meeting. This allows you to get a personal feel for us as well as the opportunity to tell us a brief overview of what you are needing as well as your goal(s). We truly feel that meeting face-to-face removes all barriers and is a great way to begin building trust.

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