Having such an extensive background and resources to execute introductions, we bring individuals and groups such as yourself together for the purpose of developing business relationships of all types including investments, business expansion, acquisitions, start-ups, development and research. Our vast experience and team have backgrounds in technology, general business, healthcare, all realms of sports, marketing, energy, investments as well as oil and gas.


We pride ourselves in the ability to form introductions and assist our clients throughout the world. Our team of professionals and experts span across the United States, throughout North America, Central America and South America as well as overseas into Europe, the Middle East and across Asia. Even though our Headquarters is located in McKinney Texas, we also have associate offices in Mexico, Poland, and China and have plans for expansion in the near future.


For each and every project we take on, we formulate a specific strategy by first bringing on the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in that respected field. Once the team has been created, we begin the planning process that best suites the clients’ needs as well as their goals for future growth and success. Many times there are aspects of the industry that our clients are unaware of or are unfamiliar with the trends. This is where our team’s strategic approach makes a difference.

Who We Are



Nexus49 Relations is a company built on the concept of 4:9 – “Two are better than one”. On this basis, the Nguyen family from Vietnam has assembled a team of diverse professionals from around the world, for the purpose of expanding or assisting you in your business ventures and leading you on the path of success. One of the many things our company specializes in is Wholesale of products and services from abroad. We organize meetings between all types of businesses, individuals, and figure heads by utilizing our vast database of connections and relationships worldwide. Whether you are looking to import products from Asia or Mexico, make strategic business moves, complete an acquisition, sell a business, expand operations, begin a project, manufacture a product, import/export, network or design, Nexus49 Relations has the experience, knowledge and team to assist you in all phases.


Dr. Tony Serna, CBO

Dr. Tony is a serial entrepreneur with a broad experience in Medical, Energy, Manufacturing, and the Technology sectors. Dr. Tony is currently serving on various corporate and non-profit boards. His 30-year+ business experience coupled with a vast relational rolodex of decision makers with experience and knowledge in government, corporate, and religious business dealings will position your company at the “right place” and at the “right time”. His philosophy is knowing your industry, partnering with the best people and executing on time. This will highly increase the success of your business venture.

Allow us to evaluate your business we can help position your company with the right manufacturer or partner around the world or simply allow us to manufacture for you. – we can help.

Meet the rest of the team



The Nguyen family from Vietnam and Ms. Serna, MA

The Nguyen family plays an important role in the success of Nexus49. Their vast empire of successful businesses in Vietnam have positioned them for expansion into the Americas. Ms. Emily Serna founded the company in 2017 and  is now the new CEO of Nexus49, Ms. Serna’s knowledge and experience will propel  Nexus49 into a bright future. She has developed a culture that truly cares for our clients and as she always says “our success is dependent on our client’s happiness”.

Major General Freddie Valenzuela

Major General Freddie Valenzuela is a high-level senior consultant for Nexus49 and serves on the Board of Directors. His involvement in Nexus49 ensures a standard of ethics and legitimacy that is paralleled by no other provider.

Major General F. Valenzuela served thirty-three years in the US Army and was highly decorated for heroism and valor. He served in three combat corps and six Infantry Divisions all over the world including Peru, Korea, Colombia, Turkey, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Grenada, Panama, Germany, El Salvador, and Somalia, as well as numerous years in inter-agency assignments.

You can read more about Major General Freddie Valenzuela on his Wikipedia page.

Anthony Chapa

Anthony “Tony” Chapa serves as the principal consultant and international business development officer on behalf of clients with active projects within Latin American and Mexico at Nexus49. His focus includes executive protection, physical/technical security assessments, international investigations, police training and the world of cybersecurity.

After serving a highly decorated 22-year career, Tony retired from the United States Secret Service. His final assignment was as Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility of the Secret Service. He also served as Deputy Assistant Director and Chief Technology Officer responsible for the Technical Security and Anti Money Laundering Division.

You can learn more about Anthony Chapa on his LinkedIn page.











What we're involved in




We specialize in wholesale items such as Face Masks, Gloves, T-Shirts, Shoes, Electronics, and Household items.  Whatever your need or want, we can find it through our vast network of suppliers abroad.  Allow us to impress you!


Inquire about personal, corporate and government security services.

Information Technology

Find out how we partner with IT to save you money and time.

Oil & Gas

Discover the unique partnership opportunities we have in the oil industry.


Learn the ways we can streamline your operations with top-notch programming.


Discover the lucrative investment opportunities with cryotherapy.


We have over 30 years of experience in wholesaling in the United States. Our team has been importing and exporting products and services all around the world.

Sports Management

Start a new conversation about sports management with us now.

Overseas Acquisitions

Inquire about the knowledge we have acquiring overseas companies.


We have the ability to manufacture your product overseas.  We then import it and WholeSale it to you. This is a very transparent transaction.


Discover the lucrative nature of investing in cryptocurrencies.


Take a closer look at how we can help with your construction projects.

Learn about



In this day and age time is money. This is why our process is as straight forward and as quick as possible without wasting unnecessary time.

  • We begin building our relationship(s) with you through either an introductory phone call or an in person meeting. This allows you to get a personal feel for us as well as the opportunity to tell us a brief overview of what you are needing as well as your goal(s). We truly feel that meeting face-to-face removes all barriers and is a great way to begin building trust. Though we prefer this to be done in person, we understand that the initial conversation may be more convenient for you over the phone.
  • Once we begin discussions pertaining to specifics, a NDA/NCA will be in place and mutually agreed upon as it is our highest priority that trust is gained and confidential information is kept under lock and key. We make sure that all parties involved are protected as vital information is shared.
  • Depending on the project as well as the complexity involved, we will determine the length of the project as well as discuss any viable options that may be available to make your project or business venture more successful.
  • Once the information is presented and contracts are agreed upon, our team of experts move onto the process of executing the necessary steps in accomplishing the final goal. Though we work quickly, we always follow protocol as well as our processes to assure that everything is covered thoroughly and accurately.

Who we work with



Nexus49 Relations has a broad array of clients throughout the world. Our clients range from well established companies who are trailblazers in their respected industries to start-ups and even those who are still in their infancy stage. We have the proven resources to help take our clients to the highest level possible.

What are our




Planning is the first step in any business venture or phase. By formulating the right plan, it will in turn save you time and most importantly, money. When creating your plan of action it is vital that crucial details are included. Nexus49 Relations has experience in a multitude of industries and fields as well as an inside track on trends and successes that are used to formulate the best path for you and your company. As we work together creating your plan, we provide the necessary guidance and resources for you to be prepared for the next several phases. Whether you are just getting started or are at a crossroads, Nexus49 Relations has the resources to move forward.



Throughout our years of experience, this is truly where your success levels will separate itself. The reason being is that this is the most difficult stage and requires the most work, drive and determination. Executing is where a business like yours can be rewarded the most or just the opposite. Having the right team in place, proper management as well as training is key to avoid these pitfalls. With the proper formula and support, we can provide you with the necessary tools and resources in order to meet and surpass your short and long-term goals.



Many companies and corporations reach a level in their business where they plateau or even digress. This lack of advancement may be due to a shift in market trends, progressions in technology or deviations in the industry. These types of changes occur daily and this is one of the main reasons companies either go out of business or lose money each year. The key to striving and advancing in business is avoiding these shifts in your respected industry by knowing what is coming and staying ahead of the curve. We have the resources and professionals to guide you through this.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

~ Mark Twain

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